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Crypto Mining Tools

Learn why CryptoMining.Tools is the best free bitcoin mining calculator available to mining enthusiasts and professionals today.

Our aim is to provide the most accurate data to enable you to make better decisions when it comes to buying ASIC mining equipment, determining when to sell your gear and operating your mining farm.

Crypto Mining Tools
Bitcoin Mining Profitability

The best bitcoin mining calculator available. The only online tool for calculating profitability & Days to ROI that actually includes the impact of the bitcoin block reward halving.

ASIC Mining Hardware

Which bitcoin miner is the most profitable? Here’s a better way to compare ASIC bitcoin miner efficiency. Edit the price of the miner or change the electricity rate to see how it impacts your SHA-256 mining profitability.

BTC to USD Conversion Chrome Extension

Cryptocurrency Conversion & Calculation Chrome extension is now available for installation. It can be installed from the Google Chrome Web Store. Try out the Cryptocurrency Conversion & Calculation Chrome extension now.

Calculate the ROI on These Featured ASIC Bitcoin Miners
Why am I required to log in with my Telegram account?
If you would like to use some of the more advanced features of our bitcoin mining profitability and mining hardware comparison tools, you will will need to authenticate with Telegram first. Features like editing and saving your miners' custom prices, wattage and speed are only possible for users who are logged in. It is a simple process and you only need to authenticate Telegram with CryptoMining.Tools once.
Why do you consider CryptoMining.Tools to be the best profitability calculation software?
We like to think our free software for calculating bitcoin mining profit is the best for many reasons. But, in short, we don't just use the same old crappy APIs that all of the other copied-and-pasted calculators out there are using. We've built our tools from the ground up to be the most reliable, available and accurate in the industry. We also are working on providing access to our own API that will allow you to implement our tools into your own websites or apps.
Where can I get help with using these online bitcoin mining tools?
Connect with us on Telegram to share your ideas and to request new features. If you are looking for guidance on how to best use our set of bitcoin mining calculators and to learn how to better compare ASIC miners, feel free to say hello in our Telegram group.
Where can I buy ASIC bitcoin miners?
There are many place online that sell mining gear, but you need to be very careful to find the right sellers. CryptoMining.Tools has partnered with the ASIC Miner Announcements channel on Telegram to provide you with a good starting place for finding trusted sellers with available gear for sale. We always recommend using a professional escrow service when buying mining equipment. The internet is ripe with scammers, especially in the crypto space. Please be careful, and also pass your buying decisions by other people in a public chat group before sending anyone your hard-earned bitcoin.